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Product Detail

High efficient cotton fixing agent (50%) HTF-658 D-6


High efficient cotton fixing agent (50%) HTF-658 D-6


Chemical composition: Macromolecule polymer with special reaction group

Quality Index:

Appearance Yellow to brown red liqud
Solid Contene 50%
PH (Aq.Solution)  3.0-6.0
Ionic  Cation
Solubility easily soluble in water 

Application property:

1. It is suitable for dyeing and printing fabrics with reactive dyes such as bright red, rose red, jujube red, brilliant blue and black. It can improve color fastnessobviously.

2. It can obviously improve the washing resistance, sweat stain and high temperature blister of fabrics to meet the requirements of high fastness.

3. If used in finishing process, it can be used wiht non-ionic soften agent. 

Recommend Dosage:

After dyeing and soaped fabrics are treated with HTF-658D-6 at PH value of 5.5-6.5 and temperature between 50 to 60 °C for 15-20 minutes. Pay attention to adding fixing agent before warming up and gradually warming up after operation. The specific amount of fixing agent depends on the color of the fabrics and needs to be adjusted appropriately.


125kg plastic drum. Keep in dark place at room temperature.

Stroage period is one year. 


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